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“It does not happen on iOS”, half a million Androids infected by malware from a single developer

The security holes of the Play Store
This malware was discovered by Lukas Stefanko, of ESET, the security company so popular for desktop devices, and were simple games that once executed, made the device could steal data traffic. And not only that, when installing the icon was hidden, so the subsequent elimination was more complex.

Ver imagen en Twitter
Ver imagen en Twitter

Lukas Stefanko
 Don’t install these apps from Google Play –  it’s malware.

-13 apps
-all together 560,000+ installs
-after launch, hide itself icon
-downloads additional APK and makes user install it (unavailable now)
-2 apps are #Trending
-no legitimate functionality

18:47 – 19 nov. 2019
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Información y privacidad de Twitter Ads
But the cluster of nonsense did not come to an end, two of these programs were boosted by Google at the top of its “Trends” section . Come on, a full-blown magnet for the malware to keep spreading. It seems that it has already been completely removed from the app store. And it is not the first time that happens or will happen.

In contrast, in the Apple App Store the control of applications is much stricter and more severe, so the chances of encountering problems of this type is very limited.

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