Animal Crossing for Switch can’t come soon enough

Animal Crossing for Switch can't come soon enough screenshot

If you could will one video game into existence right this minute, what would it be?

My gut reaction is to say Death Stranding. I’m dying to know what the heck is going on ^(, but then again… maybe I’m not? The bizarre trailers, the drip-fed clues, the imaginative fan theories and wild goose chases — it’s all so very captivating to watch unfurl from the sidelines. There’s much we still don’t know about Death Stranding ^( I like it that way. The build-up is all part of Kojima’s mischievous charm.

There are countless other upcoming games I could point to instead, and I’m sure you have a not-so-short list of alluring 2019 releases buzzing in the back of your mind. But after coming off the winter break having played far too much Stardew Valley while half-watching Hallmark movies and other cheesy yet comforting holiday fodder, I’ve figured out what I need most: Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch.