GRID Autosport will arrive to Android to compete with the Asphalt and CSR

The world of the car games on Android is quite exploited. We have franchises very important that they offer great games for free. Today we can announce that another great delivery driving will come to Android in the coming months. This is GRID Autosport, one of the games of car more important when we talk about console and PC. Their quality is great, and the realism it offers is hand in hand with simulators important. Now one of the most important studies of the market is committed to bring the game to our operating system. In IOS leads some years available and is one of the deliveries that could enjoy in the exclusive Apple users. Yes, paying the 10 euros it costs to buy the game on that platform.

Android is ready to welcome a new driving game and share the cake with the Asphalt or CSR. These two games are the most important in the category of car games and accumulate millions and millions of downloads. The question now is not if the GRID will be able to compete with them, but in the format that will come out.

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A new car game for high-end mobile

Something you have wanted to announce the development team in the first statement is that it is a game that requires a great graphical power. This limits your downloading to the terminals more powerful in the market, although we do not know if you will only be able to play users with a high-end or also others that have a mobile phone with a SD 660 or similar processors.

You will be able to choose more than 100 cars and dozens of game modes. In IOS this is a game of payment, so that almost all the content is available to the user as he plays. In Android the dynamic could be totally different. Paid games don’t have as much success as in the Apple ecosystem, so it could be launched as a game freemium. This is what offers Asphalt or CSR. You can play for free, though with some limitations.

We will have to wait until the game is available in Google Play to check if it is a delivery of free or paid. What is 100% sure is that you’ll need a good amount of storage available and a mobile powerful to be able to play it correctly.

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