Here’s our first look at Ruby Rose donning Batwoman’s cape and cowl

Here's our first look at Ruby Rose donning Batwoman's cape and cowl screenshot

Ruby Rose is flying into Vancouver, the location they shoot all the CW shows, today so the network is dropping our first look at her as Batwoman. As you can see the costuming is both in line with the Arrowverse designs and her comic book look, keeping the red detailing while rolling in a less spandexy cloth. I like the little touches here, though. The utility belt has a cool off-the-hip look and the veining in the cape make it look more like bat wings.

Outside of the costume, we can’t really tell much. It’s hard to know what she’ll look like in motion, especially since the image looks pretty heavily shopped. We’ll get our first look at it presumably once the ads start running for the big Arrowverse crossover event coming December 9, and then Batwoman will Primiere ^( sometime next year.

Honestly, the CW shows have been so all over the place the past two seasons I’m excited for something new. I’m looking forward to the Arrowverse returning as the producers are promising they learned some valuable lessons, but I think I’m more excited just to see how they’ll work Batwoman into everything.