EA Could Get In Trouble In Belgium Over FIFA’s Loot Boxes

As some would possibly have heard, over in Belgium, government have dominated that loot containers in video video games are regarded as as playing and will have to be banned. This has ended in firms akin to Blizzard taking away paid loot containers from video games like Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm, however it kind of feels that both EA didn’t get the memo or they’re simply refusing to conform.

According to a record from Belgian e-newsletter Metro (by the use of Eurogamer), it kind of feels that EA has no longer got rid of loot containers from their FIFA sport, and is it appears now a part of a felony investigation by way of the Brussels public prosecutor’s place of work, which in the event that they make a decision to prosecute will see the case dropped at court docket.

It is unclear as to why EA has selected no longer to take away the loot containers from their video games, however the corporate did state previous this 12 months that its video games have been “evolved and carried out ethically and lawfully world wide”. They additionally expressed their confrontation over how its video games may well be regarded as as a type of playing (notice that the problem isn’t with the video games, however with its loot containers).

EA has but to formally reply to the record so it’s unclear as to how the corporate plans on continuing. Unfortunately for EA, the compliance of alternative firms akin to Blizzard, Valve, and 2K Games will almost certainly no longer lend a hand both.

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