Shrek is now in Sekiro, where he belongs

Shrek is now in Sekiro, where he belongs screenshot

Shrek x Sekiro. Shrekiro. Sooner or later, it had to be done.

There’s an enemy in From Software’s Sengoku action game Sekiro ^( called the Chained Ogre. He’s one of the first roadblocks players run into once they’re let loose in the open world. He has a fair amount of health, his grabs are tricky to avoid, and if you’re unlucky, he can chuck you over the cliffside.

Someone went and turned the Chained Ogre into Shrek. Modders know what we need.

If you’re playing Sekiro on PC, you can nab the Shrek the Ogre mod from Nexus Mods ^( courtesy of Dropoff and Katalash. You’ll also need to have the Sekiro Mod Engine ^( up and running.

[Via USgamer ^(]

The greatest facial hair to ever grace a screen belongs to Kurt Russell

The greatest facial hair to ever grace a screen belongs to Kurt Russell screenshot

Every November a motion happens wherein other people carry finances to lend a hand reinforce the ones fighting most cancers via now not shaving. There’s No-Shave November ^( the place people are inspired to put down the razor and as a substitute donate the month’s shaving finances to most cancers analysis or to the ones short of monetary help as they undergo chemotherapy. Then there is Movember ^(, the place the point of interest is on letting that stunning higher lip hair develop to lend a hand carry consciousness surrounding prostate and testicular most cancers, in addition to suicide. 

While not one of the personnel at Flixist are manly sufficient to develop any facial hair in any respect, in honor of this facially targeted month, we are celebrating our favourite completely groomed beards, mustaches, and Fu Manchus as observed right through cinema. To kick issues off, I provide to you the one true greatest face fluff: Kurt Russell in Hateful Eight

“Grizzled” is the most productive phrase to describe John “The Hangman” Ruth. His mustache best amplifies his demeanor as he rides to declare the bounty of the recalcitrant Daisy Domergue. Ruth’s gloriously overflowing whiskers portend his inner angle. He’s over-confident and direct, now not one to shy clear of war of words or be the one to instigate it. He instructions consideration and the free-flowing facial fur best bolsters the honour he feels he merits. In a film with gruff outlaws and loss of life hiding across the nook, Ruth’s mustache has a je ne sais quoi that simply merely suits the bounty hunter’s air of secrecy.