Lenovo Bendable Phone Teased Once More

With all the talk of manufacturers like Samsung and Huawei getting ready to showcase their foldable smartphones ^(https://www.appmarsh.com/2018/09/samsung-foldable-phone-7-3-inch-display/), Lenovo has decided to tease its bendable phone once again. The teaser suggests that the company is going to unveil a flexible phone in the coming month. This isn’t the first time that Lenovo is teasing such a device, though.

A bendable wrist-phone concept was shown off by Lenovo back in 2018. That device obviously was never released so even though Lenovo is teasing a bendable device yet again, it’s far from confirmed if and when it will be released.

The teaser was posted on Lenovo’s official Weibo account and it appears to show a working phone that’s bendable. We can see that the device continues to recognize and allow touch input when it’s folded into an 80 degree angle.

A machine translation of the Weibo post reveals the caption “Let’s see you in October,” which would suggest that perhaps Lenovo is going to announce this device next month. Whether or not it actually does that remains to be seen.

Lenovo hasn’t officially confirmed an event for next month through any of its other social media channels at this point in time so it’s unclear if the company will be making a big deal out of this expected announcement in markets other than China.

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