Japanator’s Anime Binge Log: Goblin Slayer

Japanator's Anime Binge Log: Goblin Slayer screenshot

It’s time once more in your semi-regular take a look at the season’s absolute best and brightest anime! Welcome another time to Japanator’s Anime Binge Log! Last time we took a take a look at the newest bankruptcy of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, a display that, whilst now not universally-liked, is nearly universally revered. 

This installment is going just a little deeper into the weeds with a display that controlled to alienate a just right bite of its target market from the get-go: Goblin Slayer. Studio White Fox’s adaptation of the hit novel/manga stirred up a hornet’s nest of discourse with a divisive first episode, however what is the verdict, now that about part its cour is over? That’s the query we posed to the body of workers and a few us deigned to respond to!

If you have got an offer for the display to hide in our subsequent Binge Log, do not hesitate to let us know within the feedback!