Josh Simple loader [02-09-2020] . Safe For HighRank w/ OPSuperkill+BunnyHop+NBD+NFD

CHANGE LOG:Added NBD,NFD,RadioSpamAdded Safe For High Rank.FIX AIMBOT MALFUNCTION ON SNIPER. Safe For High Rank Information! [How To Use] DISABLE ANY ANTI VIRUS. Run as admin Loader Then Close. Run as admin Loader Again Then Press Load. Finish The Activation then Wait for Open Crossfire Now. Information! To Fix MSVCR110.dll Download:!XDRGDaAB!NMfZfTxnPwnP8-mg0tyDww9LjO12FzaJYFF_vQKDI7sand paste msvcr110.dll toC:WindowsSystem32 && […]