DRB III Chrysler 300M ABS Bleeding

Here’s one thing excellent i discovered when i bled ABS for my 300M. Very helpful…. Hope it really works for you guys additionally.
Complaints i posted in https://300mclub.org/boards/:
I spotted one thing with my automobile that I sought after to touch upon since “checking out” my ABS for the primary time this season. After arriving to college simply in time for a last I put my foot down laborious at the brake whilst pulling into the gravel lot, which used to be frozen over identical to a skating rink. As I totally expected the ABS got here on and used to be efficient. However, when I got here to an entire prevent the pedal went cushy and I needed to pump it 6 or 7 occasions sooner than it firmed again up (no jokes please). I’ve spotted my brake pedal is slightly softer than maximum different LH automobiles I’ve pushed however I’ve by no means spotted variance like this after ABS braking. I’m very acquainted with braking the usage of ABS in my automobile and I feel that is one thing extraordinary.
Tips I were given from consumer97:
Did the fluid degree drop — if it did, then you most likely were given a leak someplace and air within the machine.
If the fluid degree is OK however pedal is softer after ABS engagement, there’s a chance valve within the ABS machine didn’t shut totally.
In order to offer anti-lock capacity, ABS unit has the power to isolate any wheel from the M/C force in addition to relieve the force into a short lived garage (accumulator). The ABS pump then pumps the surplus fluid again into the M/C (therefore pedal pulsing).
There is an opportunity that the valve on one wheel has now not utterly closed and lets in bleeding into the “accumulator”. As ABS machine isn’t engaged, the pump is not going to begin to empty the accumulator. So you’re principally compressing the accumulator spring sooner than any important brake motion on that circuit would begin. Accumulator has a moderately small quantity, so it will succeed in capability beautiful temporarily. I spotted that there’s a important quantity of rust that builds up within the brake fluid because the traces rust from inside of because of moisture accumulation. May be a flake of rust were given caught within the valve and offers a miniscule leak into accumulator. ABS screens state of the valves — the rest important would cause an ABS fault.
It may well be one thing else, like M/C leaking internally previous pistons. But at the off likelihood, I might workout ABS a couple of extra occasions. Valve motion would possibly remedy the problem if it’s the drawback.
Search on Youtube and there’s some video that illustrates ABS HCU operation
(AFAIK, on our automobiles ABS controls rear wheels independently moderately than as a couple).
Playing with DRB III, you find how potent ABS machine is. When working ABS HCU check, it instructs you to use force to the brake (with engine off/booster bled). Then ABS valves open up, filling up accumulators. It could be very spectacular — pedal falls to the ground with none resistance. As the following level of the check, it closes the valves and turns at the pump, which accurately pumps the pedal again to the unique state. While I knew how ABS labored typically phrases, I by no means discovered the level to which ABS may doubtlessly intervene with customary brake machine. No marvel, the unit is designed to be so fail secure, as to forestall such screw ups (turns itself off on the slightest signal of bother).
Normally, there will have to be no wish to bleed ABS, so long as MC used to be by no means run dry, you will have to be OK. I might watch out about sucking fluid out of MC — slightly is OK, simply ensure that neither part will get empty to forestall air injection.
On an aspect word, for DRB iii, you’d higher use VCI Pod, NOT the clone Micropod 2 (even the prime quality SP271-C1 can’t paintings excellent with DRB emulator. ) glance right here: http://weblog.obdii365.com/2019/01/16/drb3-emulator-worked-with-micropod-2-or-vci-pod/ examined on 300M. VCI Pod says sure however Micropod2 clone can’t paintings….