How to setup VAS6154 Clone ODIS Windows 10

The VAS6154 Clone is a crappy VCXNano which emulates a VAS5054. So for those who set up ODIS you will have to make a choice VAS5054… It has not anything to do with an VAS6154.

What you’ll do now: 
Remove entire ODIS-S and if put in ODIS-E and the whole thing referred to as VAS or I+ME Actia set up, take away VCX Nano (Fake VAS6154 Drivers and Software), 
over Software in System Settings, then reboot.

Remove Folders in C:Program Files(x86) and C:Program Files from ODIS-Engineering/Service, I+ME Actia, Softing, VCX Nano Software(e.g VAS?).

Then you’ll restart set up, do not set up ODIS-Engineering it’s going to no longer paintings with this Fake VAS6154, you’ll no longer flash with it, you’re going to fail. 

Also use Windows 7 for ODIS 4.3.3 or 5.0.6. – In Win10 you’ll no longer make a choice anymore VAS5054 Interface in 5.0.6 Setup, perhaps additionally lacking in 4.3.3 Setup.

Install first ODIS-Service, make a choice Standard Notebook/PC, Interface : VAS5054, totally with Launcher. After that set up the VCX Nano(Fake 6154 Software and Drivers) and after that Start ODIS-Service and set up Postsetup. Then it will have to paintings.

When you do not take away the Software of the Fake 6154 Clone, you’re going to run into the similar issues as now. Once I had to set up ODIS-S 2 occasions, as a result of i did not take away the instrument of this VAS6154 Fake.