‘Bag-gate’ comes to a close as Fallout 76 canvas bags finally delivered

'Bag-gate' comes to a close as Fallout 76 canvas bags finally delivered screenshot

It took a excellent seven months, however Fallout 76 enthusiasts – those that plonked down for the Power Armor Edition at any fee – are finally beginning to obtain their canvas bags, bringing to an finish the talk identified informally as “Bag-gate.”

As a fast refresher, as all of us have handiest such a lot of days left on Earth, again ahead of the release of Bethesda’s MMO identify, gamers may just pre-order a “Power Armour” version of the sport for round $200. This integrated, amongst different gubbins, a “Canvas West-Tek Duffel Bag”. However, when the sport shipped, those that had pre-ordered the set simply were given a reasonable nylon alternative as a substitute, ^(http://appmarsh.com/people-are-pissed-about-the-quality-of-fallout-76-s-power-armor-edition-and-bethesda-s-apology-gift-sucks-533017.phtml) in conjunction with a pithy $5 of in-game forex as recompense.

Rubbing salt within the wounds, on-line “influencers” began appearing off their very own superior Fallout 76 bags ^(http://appmarsh.com/-update-bag-gate-continues-as-canvas-fallout-76-bags-find-their-way-into-influencers-hands-533442.phtml), won without spending a dime from Bethesda. Though now not the similar bags, it actually wasn’t what hardcore enthusiasts who’d plonked down triple-figures for the Power Armour version wanted to see (let by myself the truth that Fallout 76 itself additionally became out to be horrible. ^(http://appmarsh.com/review-fallout-76-532956.phtml))

And so, Bethesda finally introduced that they would put the at the beginning promised canvas bags into manufacturing. Which brings us to this week, as apparently that customers are finally beginning to obtain mentioned bags within the mail. Reports – such as this one from Redditor Andarne ^(https://www.reddit.com/r/Fallout/comments/c0iqmc/my_canvas_bag_from_fallout_76_arrived_today/) – are that the brand new canvas bag is a high quality product, and will have to be well-suited for all your bottlecap-carrying wishes.

But greater than the rest, there may be a lesson to be discovered right here on averting identical complications. And it is as easy as “Deliver what folks paid for”. While arguments about Epic Games Store, backer campaigns, or deceptive trailers may also be thought to be gray spaces with reference to “false promoting”, you’ll’t take cash for an merchandise, then merely ship a wholly other merchandise. It does not wash in different industries and it mustn’t right here.

Fallout 76 is to be had now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Bethesda has delivered Fallout 76 canvas bags ^(https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-06-15-7-months-later-bethesda-has-finally-delivered-the-fallout-76-canvas-bags) [Eurogamer]