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Check out the debut trailer for Comcept’s first game since it joined Level-5

Check out the debut trailer for Comcept's first game since it joined Level-5 screenshot

The gaming industry is no stranger to acquisitions and mergers. Whether it’s Activision and Blizzard joining forces to become the biggest company in the industry or Microsoft buying up the very best AA developers, ownership of companies change hands all the time. One of the strangest acquisitions in recent memory was Level-5 acquiring Comcept. Keiji Inafune’s studio had struggled since Mighty No. 9 launched to disastrous reviews and ReCore tripped over itself right out of the gate.

I was sure after the one-two punch of those titles, as well as the millions lost on the never-released Kaio: King of Pirates, the industry would be done with Inafune and his studio of disappointment. And yet, Level-5 threw it a lifeline, acquiring the company and renaming it Level-5 Comcept. Two years ago it was announced its first game would be a mobile game called Dragon & Colonies. Now, we finally have a trailer for it, and it doesn’t look half bad.