What is the confidence of Gmail: it will be officially the 25th day of June

In these moments what we use to communicate are messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger. This has relegated to the e-mail to a position that is more work than staff. It is for this reason that Google is slowly making changes in its service mail. Today we have news on the confidentially of Gmail. It is possible that you have not heard of it, but will be implemented once and for all at the end of next month. It is a very interesting option to improve the security and privacy of your emails. Don’t always use it, but it can be very useful in some occasions.

The confidence of Gmail is not new, although it has been a long time in beta version. Not everyone could enjoy it and on some occasions had major bugs. Today, the company has reported that everything is ready to launch this function, stable and global. The confidence will come in June for all users and platforms.

What is the confidence of Gmail, can I use in Android?

The confidential was created to improve the privacy of the emails that you send. This privacy policy does not fall on the servers, and the security between the sender and the receiver. This mode features a series of measures to ensure that the e-mail and its content is not able to share so easily with other users.

If you send an e-mail under a confidential manner to ensure that the person who receives it can not download the files, can’t copy or paste the contents of the same and much more. It is even possible to configure an expiration date for the mail to disappear after a few hours or a few days in the inbox of the receiver. You can also set a password to open the e-mail.

It is perfect when you need to send sensitive content that you don’t want to share them with anyone. Such mail cannot be forwarded to other users, so that it becomes an incredible way to send content to a person who is only able to see for a while, or that you can’t share. This mode will be compatible with Android and all platforms where you can use the Gmail mail.

When will be able to use the mode confidential?

This mode is already available in some parts of the world under a beta program that Google launched. Yes, it will form a stable and globally from the 25th of June.

To send one of these emails just go into the section of ‘Compose’, tap the menu the three dots and select the ‘confidential‘. Then you can configure the options for that mail before you send it.

Source | Google

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