How To Repair Corrupted USB Drive Or SD Card In Windows PC Using Command Prompt

How To Repair Corrupted USB Drive Or SD Card In Windows PC Using Command Prompt…
If your storage device suddenly stopped working and you don’t know how to fix it, so there could be two reasons .1. its physically broken or 2. it’s corrupted, so now if you know your device is not physically damaged than you can actually fix your corrupted storage device easily using Command Prompt in Windows Computer. I have made a brief tutorial video on it so I would recommend you to watch the video below and learn how to fix your corrupted storage device and needed Commands for CMD will be just below the video.

–Commands for CMD to fix corrupted storage devices–
1. Diskpart
2.List Disk
3. Select Disk 0,1,2,3… ( Select your corrupted storage device)
4. Clean
5. Exit
*Watch the video for better understanding*
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