You might have played against the creator of Tetris in Tetris 99

You might have played against the creator of Tetris in Tetris 99 screenshot

The 35th anniversary of Tetris is that this month, and to rejoice the creator Alexey Pajitnov has been doing a type of celebratory press excursion. On the weekend of the precise anniversary he confirmed up at the Los Angeles Barcade match, and at E3 closing week he sat down with Nintendo Life to speak about his paintings.

The largest takeaway for me used to be how a lot Pajitnov lavished reward on Tetris 99. While he did not shy clear of announcing that Tetrisphere (the Nintendo 64 recreation that he labored on) used to be overly difficult, he stated that he loves and performs Tetris 99 up to his son will permit him to. Pajitnov additionally admitted that he is now not that fab at it, together with his easiest end being 3rd.

He additionally throws some well-merited coloration at the block piece. Take that ya unnecessary Tetromino!

The whole interview is in reality fascinating and drives house the feeling that Pajitnov is proud that his paintings will one day out survive him. You can learn the interview ^( over at Nintendo Life.

Feature: Tetris Creator Alexey Pajitnov On Tetris 99, Tetris Comics And His Favourite Tetris Piece ^( [Nintendo Life]