FTL creator’s ‘Into the Breach’ hitting Switch today

FTL creator's 'Into the Breach' hitting Switch today screenshot

Into the Breach hit PC earlier this 12 months from the creators of FTL and relatively a few other people were stoked for it. Subset Video video games has a knack for the process taste indisputably about it, and as of lately you’ll be able to get pleasure from the previous on every other tool: Switch.

Yep, as offered by way of Nintendo’s Indie Show off fit, Into the Breach is live lately on Switch. This was form of foretold. Earlier this 12 months quite a few shops reached out to Subset to see if Into the Breach may well be arriving on other platforms, they most often stated “we will be looking into [it],” and in particular mentioned that they are “aware of passion inside the Switch” because of fans.

So whoever made it conceivable, great procedure!