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Metro Exodus was one of the toughest preview demos I’ve ever played

Metro Exodus was one of the toughest preview demos I've ever played screenshot

Preview demos rarely coddle, but they’re also almost always accessible. Like, the whole point is to get a good broad understanding for what a game hopes to accomplish. On a subconscious level, there’s probably something to be said for making a media person feel as though they excelled. It stands to reason that a positive experience would lead to positive written impressions.

I did not excel at Metro Exodus. In fact, I failed. Hard.

Maybe it was my Metro inexperience rearing its ugly head. I have not played 2033 or Last Light, although I know all of the most efficient strategies. Scavenge for everything. Everything. That’s the big one. Ammo doesn’t double as a currency anymore. Instead, protagonist Artyom crafts everything out of scavenged materials.