Monument Valley Movie Being Developed With Paramount Pictures

Ustwo games, the developers of the popular mobile game Monument Valley, have confirmed that they’re working with Paramount Pictures and Patrick Osborne to develop a Monument Valley movie. Osborne is best known for his work on animated shorts but this new project will reportedly include CG elements as well as live action in what will be somewhat of a hybrid production.

Monument Valley quickly became popular for its surreal visuals and gameplay where established laws of time and space don’t apply. Deadline reports that the film “will send contemporary live-action characters into the game’s extraordinary, mind-bending world.”

Monument Valley has amassed more than 160 million downloads globally and won awards including the Apple Design Award 2019 in addition to two BAFTAs for Best British Game and Best Mobile & Handheld Game.

The first mobile game was released four years ago and Ustwo Games boss Dan Gray said that they have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to bring the game’s world to the big screen. “We’re incredibly happy that we’ve found the perfect creative partners in Paramount, Weed Road and Patrick Osborne to champion this concept forward into another medium,” he added.

There’s going to be significant interest in the Monument Valley movie given the following that this game as but it remains to be seen if it’s going to be a success on the big screen.

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