Samsung remains the undisputed leader in the display market

Samsung retained its best place in the display market all through the first quarter of 2019, a document from IHS Markit unearths. The Korean corporate shipped $3.4 billion value of presentations, which is 40.2% of the general market, however a decline of 6.6 p.c issues on a once a year foundation.

JDI remained a far off 2d with a 12.3% percentage of the market, whilst BOE was once the greatest gainer – it just about doubled its percentage to 11.9%. In reality, IHS predicts that in Q2 BOE will simply outpace JDI and seize the 2d spot.

Legend: Q1 2018 in Grey • Q1 2019 in Light Blue • Q2 2019 predictions in Dark Blue

The knowledge from IHS covers the entire display market, however analysts divulge the primary explanation why Samsung helps to keep its lead is on account of the OLED panels in non-flagship smartphones. Many corporations attempt to enforce this sort of display since it really works with a UD fingerprint scanner.

Samsung Galaxy Note8 with a Samsung OLED vs. Huawei Mate 20 Pro with an LG/BOE OLED

If we take LCD out of the equation and speak about simplest OLED panels, then Samsung is almost unchallenged – it bought over 80% of all light-emitting-diode panels. Its primary competitor in the box is the Chinese BOE and its fellow Korean producer LG, with the former doubling its market percentage because of the spectacular Huawei Mate 20 Pro gross sales.

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