You can be Bach in tomorrow’s first AI-powered Google Doodle

Tomorrow’s Google Doodle will be one for the history books as it will be the very first Doodle to be powered by artificial intelligence.

The Google Doodle will be focused on famed German composer Johann Sebastian Bach, who was born on March 21, 1685 (doing the math, that was 334 years ago!). Using machine learning, you’ll be able to compose a brief musical piece in Bach’s distinct style, complete with multiple harmonies.

Don’t worry, even if you don’t know anything about music composition you can still get in on the fun, as there will be pre-created samples for you to pick from as well.

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The Bach Google Doodle was created by three Google teams: the Doodle team (naturally), the Magenta team (which focuses on machine learning and AI when it comes to creating art and music), and the PAIR team (which stands for People + AI Research). The three teams worked to bring all of the elements of a machine-learning music composition program right into your browser.

Check out the behind-the-scenes featurette about the making of the Bach Google Doodle:

To create the program, the Google teams used 306 of Bach’s chorale harmonizations to help teach the program how to craft a melody and then harmonize with that melody. Bach’s chorales always have four voices with their own distinct melodic line, but also always adhere to structural rules which help create the “Bach” sound. This made Bach’s music ideal for machine learning, as the data is already neatly organized.

The Bach Google Doodle will be live throughout most of the world tomorrow, March 21. A large chunk of Africa, all of the Australian continent, and some Asian countries will, unfortunately, be left out (but hey, there’s always VPN access).

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26 Adorable & Cute Doodle Artwork For Your Inspiration

How many people stand in charge of doodling all over conferences or lectures? Doodling has develop into synomous with day-dreaming as depicted through the media in films, TV displays or even cartoons. At first look, it does appear that doodling has a unfavorable connotation equating to being distracted from the principle task handy. You aren’t paying consideration on what you’re intended to be thinking about, as it bores you. As a end result, you leave out out main points of the assembly or lecture and ultimately regrets no longer taking note of it. But there’s a plus facet to doodling: after we doodle, we do it semi-consciously. This subconsciousness is how we in fact get admission to our maximum inventive self and get a hold of good concepts for even our maximum troubling issues.
As you shall see within the following 26 superior doodles, creativity is aware of no limitations with doodlers. Doodling has gotten so standard that some has come to phrases with it as doodle artwork. It’s about time we acknowledge the limitless creativity that doodling has get admission to to, I might say.
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Imagine (Image Credit: Lei Melendres ^(
Imagine ^(
Got Nothing Else To Do (Image Credit: Lei Melendres ^(
Got Nothing Else To Do ^(
I Am Leight (Image Credit: Lei Melendres ^(
I Am Leight ^(
Awesome (Image Credit: Lei Melendres ^(
Awesome ^(
Make-Me-STFU (Image Credit: Lei Melendres ^(
Make-Me-STFU ^(
Happy Valentine’s (Image Credit: Lei Melendres ^(
Happy Valentine's ^(
Photographer’s Doodle (Image Credit: Lei Melendres ^(
Photographer's Doodle ^(
Doodle Monsters (Image Credit: Lei Melendres ^(
Doodle Monsters ^(
Smile (Image Credit: Matheus ^(
Smile ^(
The Lovebirds (Image Credit: Uberkraaft)
The Lovebirds
Kaboom!!! (Image Credit: Richard ^(
Kaboom!!! ^(
Pink Doodle (Image Credit: Dingbat23 ^(
Pink Doodle ^(
Easel Canvas (Image Credit: Shiela Arcos Armeña ^(
Easel Canvas ^(
A Is For Artist (Image Credit: Aubrey Tumbokon ^(
A Is For Artis ^(
Must Get Out (Image Credit: Ariel Rivera Bugay ^(
Must Get Out ^(
Alyanna (Image Credit: Ariel Rivera Bugay ^(
Alyanna ^(
Copains (Image Credit: McBess)
Inkygoodness (Image Credit: McBess)
Nobrow4 (Image Credit: McBess)
Think Positive (Image Credit: Irvin Ranada ^(
Think Positive ^(
Wuwi Crew (Image Credit: SILO ^(
Wuwi Crew ^(
The Cool Kids (Image Credit: Richard Kuoch ^(
The Cool Kids ^(
Love (Image Credit: Ariel Rivera Bugay ^(
Love ^(
Take Me To Your Leader (Image Credit: Lex Wilson ^([email protected]/))
Take Me To Your Leader ^([email protected]/)
Messy Doodle (Image Credit: Larrysa Anne Latade ^(
Messy Doodle ^(
TV Kills Everything (Image Credit: Jared Nickerson ^(
TV Kills Everything ^(