Icdrama.se – Download and Watch Korean Dramas Online on Icdrama (2019)


It’s been quite a while since i lasted posted anything relating to korean dramas and one may think that i have had enough of the shows but it isn’t particularly true. To say i am hopelessly hooked would be an understatement, and even after all this years, i am still addicted to korean dramas. One thing that is worth noting down is that korean culture is unsurprisely going global and that is probably because they have the knack to make good dramas. Talks aside, most of the well-known and most popular korean dramas incorporates an unusual and creative elements which makes them unconventional and yet satisfying to watch.

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Korean drama offers something for everyone, whether you are looking for an adventure, love, comedy filled, action-packed, lighthearted, or even the weepiest korean dramas, you will see them all. The latter however may make you sob, so ensure to grab a box of tissues, cuddle up on the couch and let the emotions flow. Following the unfortunate shutdown of dramafire, it has been hard to find a suitable alternative and just when we where about to lose hope, icdrama spawned, allowing users to watch korea dramas online or download them for offline viewing. Today, we are going to walk you through on how to use icdrama.se to watch or download korean dramas for free.

About icdrama.se

We have for the past few decades seen a ton of websites that wholeheartedly offers a colossal number of the latest korean dramas for free streaming, but there is always a catch. Most of these sites tends to promote malicious pop-ups and while some may work, others are completely garbage. This is where icdrama comes into the picture, a cool platform that painlessly allow users to download or watch the latest korean dramas online for free.

icdrama se

Aside from the simple user interface and grid style layout, icdrama proves to be one of the very few transparent korean drama website that works in a speedy manner. One thing you do love about this site is its features, users are being presented with the oldest and latest episodes of korean drama in HD quality and this is backed with english and Chinese subtitles which is aimed to make your streaming experience awesome. So lets get into the how to thing of how to download or watch korean dramas on icdrama.se

Watch Korean Drama on Icdrama

My initial visit to icdrama.se wasn’t in anyway disappointing, to tell the truth i was completely astonished at what i saw. Not only does the site offer ‘most’ of the latest korean dramas, but they where watchable. With this single act, Icdrama instantly earned my loyalty, it was unlike other korean drama sites that have on numerous occassions tricked me into watching adverts. So from here, we are going to reveal the best way to watch korean dramas online on icdrama.se without bothering about pop-ups.

The first step will be to visit the site, so if you have got your PC or mobile ready, simply head over to icdrama.se and select the korean drama you want to watch. The search “icon” is readily available to use and hidden under the three horizontal dots at the top right corner, incase you can’t find the drama you are looking for on the homepage.


The next page will present you with the description, cast and number of episodes the selected korean drama has. From here, you’ll want to choose whether to watch the korean drama in English or Cantonese subtitles and once that’s done, hitting the play icon will starting playing the drama in any choosen quality including 360p, 720p and 1080p.


Download Korean Drama on Icdrama

One of icdrama’s strong point is its ability to allow users to download korean dramas for offline viewing. This feature is greatly essential for users who do not want to waste data and it lets you re-watch the drama wherever you want. For this, i gave icdrama.se a cool 4 stars since it reminds me of dramafire. Now if you are looking to download korean drama on icdrama, then we have got you covered.

As usual, navigate to icdrama.se and choose any of the favorite drama you want to watch. On the next window, simply click on the Download button and select the appropriate episode (i.e choosing between the Cantonese and English subtitle)


Once that’s done, you’ll be redirected to a new page where you can choose either to download the drama from openload or uptobox. I recommend the first option since it is fast and brings less ads.

Wrapping Up

Icdrama.se makes use of cyberlockers and this has kept it running for quite a long time. The site isn’t going offline soon and it is completely free to use as long as it last. Icdrama’s quick menu once clicked will reveal a slew of options, from getting to see the latest HK drama to chinese, taiwanese and japanese drama. There is also a section to stream or download movies, anime and US TV series. The site is in summary the final destination for all your korean drama needs.