Android UCI engine update: Cfish 2018.09.09.ACH

Cfish builds for Android come extra regularly than Stockfish. This time i wanna move easy and percentage all of the newest builds in one put up. Because of Alexei for compiling those.

The newest:
GET ^( Cfish 2018.09.09.ACH (unique Ronald de Guy code) for arm7 and arm8
GET ^( Cfish 2018.09.09.ACH (patch )for arm7 and arm8

Should you marvel why two builds include the similar datestamp, here is the solution by means of RomeoA23:
CFish_RDM = CFish from Ronald’s unique assets – Up to date to “Lengthen ShelterWeakness array by means of size isKingFile”
My CFish according to inexperienced patch (on that second) – shelter2 (tweak ShelterWeakness after re-tuning)
They’re virtually similar, however now not somewhat: SF group added some adjustments to the patch with out checking out (once more!)

Earlier ones:
GET ^( Cfish 2018.09.06.ACH for arm7 and arm8
GET ^( Cfish 2018.09.05.ACH for arm7 and arm8
GET ^( Cfish 2018.09.04.ACH for arm7 and arm8
GET ^( Cfish 2018.09.03.ACH for arm7 and arm8

In case of bother downloading out of your PC, use your cellular tool or confer with THIS POST ^(