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Outer Wilds is a world I’m dying to explore

Outer Wilds is a world I'm dying to explore screenshot

When procedural technology was a giant factor, there have been a lot of prime hopes about what it would imply for infinitely explorable areas. Some video games do it higher than others, however a lot of the time a ordinary paradox happens: with the entirety other in mins techniques, the entirety begins to glance the similar. Sometimes the one distinction is within the aesthetics; this planet has a blue cave and that planet has a crimson cave. The procedural stuff finally ends up no longer mattering; you are simply going to cross spelunking in that cave regardless.

So it sort of feels like there was a little bit of a go back to handmade areas in exploration video games. Outer Wilds does area exploration on a a lot smaller scale than, say, No Man’s Sky. But each and every of the ten or so worlds is distinctive, and each and every has its personal tales to inform.