Craig Federighi on iPad’s Long-Awaited External Drive Support: ‘We’re Willing to Acknowledge the 1990s’

On the newest episode of the AppStories podcast ^(, hosts Federico Viticci and John Voorhees sat down with Apple’s tool engineering leader Craig Federighi to talk about WWDC 2019 ^( bulletins, together with Project Catalyst, SwiftUI, and iPadOS ^(

Craig Federighi at WWDC 2019

Project Catalyst will make it a lot more uncomplicated for builders to prolong iPad apps to the Mac ^( In many circumstances, including macOS enhance to an iPad ^( app is as smooth as opening an Xcode mission and clicking the Mac checkbox, despite the fact that Apple encourages builders to additional optimize their apps to be offering a real Mac enjoy.

Federighi believes Project Catalyst will permit many builders to deliver their iPad apps to the Mac, as Apple has bridged the hole between its UIKit framework for iOS apps and its AppKit framework for Mac apps:

UIKit and AppKit at all times remained those two separate worlds, and relying on what a developer did, they may construct an app that used to be form of factored in some way that they shared a large number of cross-platform code, however that they had to at all times take that further step of getting other people on the crew that knew AppKit, other people on the crew that knew UIKit, and make the choice to specialize for the ones two. And for plenty of builders, they selected one or the different and no longer each, as a result of that used to be an actual effort to get the experience and to make the funding.

Project Catalyst

Federighi expressed pleasure about Project Catalyst, noting that he has noticed many apps that glance incredible on the iPad that he has sought after on the Mac. With macOS Catalina ^( and Xcode 11, this is now an opportunity, with Twitter being one of a number of firms ^( that plans to prolong their iPad app to the Mac.

He added that Project Catalyst provides Apple the “similar more or less advantages of having the ability to have a unmarried crew that may focal point on making one factor the easiest and unlock it throughout all of our platforms,” which makes “a ton of sense” to the corporate.


As for Apple’s new SwiftUI framework ^(, which permits builders to use easy-to-understand declarative code to create full-featured consumer interfaces, Federighi mentioned giving builders a device this is “that expressive and that interactive” goes to lead to higher concepts and thereby higher apps shifting ahead:

SwiftUI will make building of UI extra out there to many of us who possibly were not coming near it ahead of, and that is the reason thrilling, as a result of we are already seeing a few of that with Swift and Swift Playgrounds. But even for the maximum skilled of builders, giving them a device this is that expressive and that interactive goes to imply they are going to construct higher issues, they are going to check out higher concepts, and that is the reason going to lead to higher apps.

Turning to the new iPadOS platform ^(, Federighi mentioned that the iPad has “transform one thing in reality distinct from the telephone” over the years and, accordingly, used to be deserving of an working machine that gives a “distinct enjoy”:

Things like Drag and Drop, Split View, Slide Over, Apple Pencil ^(… those are issues that in reality outline a special manner of running with the software. When I paintings on my iPad, I do not really feel like I am running on a large telephone… or like I am running on a Mac. I think like I am running on an iPad. What we imply after we say macOS, or after we say tvOS, which is an iOS-based platform, or after we say watchOS, which at its core is iOS, these items to us are definitions of studies. There’s a watchOS enjoy that is adapted for apps that make sense on your wrist. tvOS, a 10-foot UI that is smart in that context. iPadOS has transform a definite enjoy. We’ve been running our manner there ceaselessly over the years. With the paintings we did this yr, we felt like we have been at a spot the place this really used to be a definite factor.

iPads now absolutely enhance exterior drives

Humorously, Federighi additionally poked amusing at the iPad‘s newly added enhance for exterior garage akin to USB drives and SD playing cards:

External drives. We’re prepared to recognize the 1990s and pass all the long ago. You know, other people nonetheless use them from time to time. I am an AirDrop fan myself, however I perceive there are different makes use of… we all know with photographers, the skill to import their pictures without delay into an app like Lightroom is so essential.

The complete interview may also be listened to on the AppStories podcast over at MacTales ^(

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