Final Fantasy XIV’s Shadowbringers features new Dancer job

Final Fantasy XIV's Shadowbringers features new Dancer job screenshot

As a part of Final Fantasy XIV ^(‘s Tokyo Fan Festival keynote, Square Enix published that Dancers are coming to the Shadowbringers ^( growth as a new playable job. Fans had been clamoring for this for years, however few anticipated it to be a ranged DPS magnificence. Dancers combat with chakrams, throwing them with strikes so sleek enemies most definitely may not even understand they are bleeding to loss of life. (That’s in truth a lie, they are going to nonetheless give the Dancer a ton of aggro if the tank does not do their job.).

Given that Dancer is generally given a strengthen function in Final Fantasy video games, I am shocked it isn’t a healer. Then once more, FF‘s Dancers have additionally at all times been related to agile guns similar to daggers, and their therapeutic skills have generally been secondary to their standing buffs. FFXIV‘s Bard could also be categorised as a damage-dealer, but it surely has a handful of celebration buffs up its sleeves too, so it is conceivable the Dancer will transform a equivalent hybrid. Either approach I am a sucker for unorthodox guns – wielded with taste – and this incarnation of the Dancer has quite a lot of that to spare, so I am proud of this marvel. Even if I do not get again into FFXIV myself, this job will make observing others play much more flamboyant.

Shadowbringers is ready for free up on PC and PS4 July 2d.