Fujifilm GFX100 Medium Format Mirrorless Camera Announced

Several years ago, Fujifilm decided to dive into the medium format camera market by launching the Fujifilm GFX 50S ^(https://www.appmarsh.com/link/https://www.appmarsh.com/2018/09/fujifilm-gfx-50s-medium-format-camera/). The company has since released new models and successors since, but this could possibly be the company’s biggest update to yet. Fujifilm has announced a new mirrorless camera in the form of the GFX100.

This will be part of the GFX medium format lineup (although we’re not sure if this will replace the GFX 50 series or it will exist alongside it), but it will be a camera with a whopping 102MP sensor. Given the megapixel count, there is a very good chance that this camera is aimed more at professionals who have the need for such a camera, rather than your average photographer or enthusiast.

In addition to its 102MP sensor, the GFX100 will also sport a back-side illuminated sensor that will allow users to increase the ISO without necessarily adding more noise. It will also feature full-coverage phase-detection autofocus, subject tracking, and face/eye detection. There is also in-body image stabilization, a tilting touch-screen display on the back support for dual memory cards and dual batteries, and also the ability to shoot 4K video at 30fps (this is clearly not aimed at videographers).

As expected with a camera with such impressive specs, the GFX100 will not come cheap as Fujifilm has priced it at $10,000 body-only.

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The Motorola One Vision it’s official: hole in screen, and format 21:9 for a new mid-range

Motorola One Vision

In Pro Android since I had spoken a few times of the Motorola One Vision ^(https://www.appmarsh.com/link/https://www.appmarsh.com/motorola-one-vision-imagenes-prensa-filtradas/), the first phone of the brand that would come with hole in the screen to house the front-facing camera. Well, this phone has finally been presented in an official manner and have been amazed by so many other characteristics that we see for the first time in this brand. Its price is 299 euros and seeing their characteristics, it seems fair enough.

It was just 4 days that I brought you all the details leaked about this phone ^(https://www.appmarsh.com/link/https://www.appmarsh.com/motorola-one-vision-detalles-presentacion/) and now you know all the details in a formal manner. Before entering more deeply into what offers this Motorola One Vision, we have to say that is a clear improvement on its predecessor or with respect to the Bike G7 and G7 Plus, in addition to a set of characteristics that make them unique.

The Motorola One Vision shows how it has to be a 21:9

In the last few minutes, we have brought you the first filtration of the Sony Xperia 20 ^(https://www.appmarsh.com/link/https://www.appmarsh.com/sony-xperia-20-filtracion-diseno/), a terminal that will come with a screen 21:9 like its predecessor the Xperia 10 ^(https://www.appmarsh.com/link/https://www.appmarsh.com/sony-xperia-10-xperia-10-plus-caracteristicas-opiniones-precio/) that we were able to test in the MWC 2019 ^(https://www.appmarsh.com/link/https://www.appmarsh.com/primeras-impresiones-sony-xperia-10/). Well, Motorola has entered in the market of screens ultra-panoramic with your Motorola One Vision and its display of 6.3 inches. In this case, stands out for also include a hole in the screen, so that it is a screen very new to the brand. On this screen, we have something good to say, but also something bad. In the first place, this is how it has to be a screen 21:9, a few frames on all sides so that it is not excessively high. In the second place, the hole in the screen seems huge, and that does not present any improvement with respect to a notch drop of water, apart from distinction.

The design of this Motorola One Vision is also attractive for the back, because according to the brand is made of glass with protective Gorilla Glass, where we find the logo of the brand that acts as a fingerprint reader, rear and dual rear camera 48 megapixel camera with focal aperture f/1.7, and the optical stabilisation and 5-megapixel sensor, auxiliary. This sensor much resolution benefits from the technology of fusion of pixels to obtain images of 12 megapixels with a better quality.

In the interior of this Motorola One Vision we see the first Exynos processor in the brand, specifically the Exynos 9609 accompanied by 4 GB of RAM, a processor that we still do not know its performance, but we expect something similar to the Samsung Galaxy A50. The base memory of this terminal part of the 128 GB and with Android 9.0 Foot along with Android One. In terms of the battery, 3,500 mAh you can stay somewhat fair, but should get to endure a day of use. Taking into account the design, the cameras and their features, your price of 299 euros, it seems to us quite consistent for all that it offers this Motorola One Vision.

The entrance to The Motorola One Vision it’s official: hole in screen, and format 21:9 for a new mid-range ^(https://www.appmarsh.com/link/https://www.appmarsh.com/motorola-one-vision-oficial/) first appears in Pro Android – Best apps, games, tutorials, and reviews ^(https://www.appmarsh.com/link/https://www.appmarsh.com) , and its author is Juanjo Segura ^(https://www.appmarsh.com/link/https://www.appmarsh.com/author/juanjo-segura/)