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Today I will show you three recommendations of apps galleries for your Android phone, I hope the you enjoy and download your favorite, we begin!


Your photo album is slow, difficult to use and not great looking?
It’s time to upgrade to Picktures, the more rapid the replacement Gallery app.
Picktures comes with great features such as a calendar view, filter Location, filter media, video game and album. It features a gesture-based user interface and is the gallery fastest around.

What makes our app so hot:
✔ Beautiful and functional
✔ Click less, spend more
✔ Calendar and location view
✔ Change the size of the images before sharing
✔ hidden albums

Focus is a new class of incredible gallery, perfectly tuned for speed, efficiency and ease of use. It has a powerful branding mechanism to access and organize your albums. All photographs and videos will be accessible from the main page without the need to change the context of a vertical navigation and horizontal smart. It is magical.

Optic – Photo Gallery (Beta) (unpublished)


Designed with speed and simplicity in mind. View your photos easily local, with options to exclude or hide albums and protect them with password or fingerprint security.

* Completely out of line: The production version will not include any type of Internet or location permissions. The beta, however, it does include the Internet, to inform automatically, anonymous, accident.

Secure: albums store in a vault fingerprint security and stops others from slide SwipeLock Technology.

Modern design: Inspired by the guidelines of material design, using palettes of colors and transition animations.

FREE: My philosophy is “don’t charge for something people can already get for free”. There are a lot of options available, but nothing gallery fit exactly what I was looking for, so I created my own. I decided that to be available to all the others who felt the same way.