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Instagram changes the interface and generates controversy among its users

Instagram en el Samsung Galaxy A6+

As we announced a few weeks ago ^(https://www.appmarsh.com/instagram-cambiara-interfaz-mostrar-contenido-scroll-horizontal/). Instagram was preparing for the biggest change to the aesthetic of his history. The arrival of the scroll horizontal has become a reality today in some users who, far from accepting it, have sharply criticized the application with comments very unfriendly. Christmas has been the time chosen by Facebook to make major changes in their social networks complementary, but it seems to be that Instagram is not designed for this type of alterations. At least, for the time being.

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Instagram changes its aesthetics… but it doesn’t last too

Imagen: The Verge

Image: The Verge

From the company of appmarsh Zuckerberg already knew what to come. It was expected, thousands of users around the world have responded negatively to a change of interface too abrupt that it breaks with all the aesthetics above. As of now, Instagram is coupled to a horizontal design in which the scroll from left to right is displayed as the most characteristic feature. Move between the photos in the Timeline changes completely, an aesthetic alteration that users have come to accept with some discomfort. Not to say another thing.

In reality, the experiment makes sense. If the Stories are to the section of greatest success in the application why not adapt the whole social network with the function of the Stories? It’s not. It seems that has not convinced to the various profiles that have been able to “enjoy” these changes. However, according to the words of Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, the activation of this new interface is shown as a small test which has been passed from viral. Although it should be noted that such navigation will be active in the coming months at the global level. For the moment, from the direction they believe that it is too soon to impose such changes.

https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js ^(https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js)

Of all ways, that I have not reached does not indicate that you will be safe from the changes. Remember that this kind of beta was established at the global level, so there is that to wait a little to little to go to come to the users all over the world. There are also other cases in which the interface itself to become to be as shown in the usual way. Everything seems to indicate that Instagram has dared to make changes but to see that all these complaints has decided to take a step backwards. We will see how to convince the users with the design change. Many post kittens need…

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