Wedding bells are ringing in Fire Emblem Heroes’ newest update

Wedding bells are ringing in Fire Emblem Heroes' newest update screenshot

Mobile battle title Fire Emblem Heroes is once again returning to last year’s theme ^( of holy matrimony for its latest update, bringing forth four new hero variants, all adorned in wedding garb and prepped to take a stroll up the aisle.

Nintendo has revealed the quartet in a new trailer, which you can check out below. The roster additions for this event include Path of Radiance’ Holy Guard Commanders Tanith and Sigrun, The Blazing Blade’s nomadic sage Pent, and finally Fire Emblem Heroes’ own princess Fjorm. Don’t they all look quite lovely? God, I’m so lonely.

Android Games • Guild of Heroes v1.76.6 [MEGA MOD]

Guild of Heroes v1.76.6 [MEGA MOD]
Requirements: 4.4+
Overview: New universal modification of the “game” for version 1.68.12 only as root!


Information for reference:
Modification supported emulator MEmu and NOX! On BlueStacks you need to test.
The recommended minimum version of the operating system for installing the modification is Android 4.4 KitKat.
For your safety, it is better to use the modification through root!

Heed the call of the magicians guild – conjurers, witches, archers and templars are needed! Monsters and dragons roam the realm, and your friends have already picked up the gauntlet, bow and arrow as well as sorcerer hats to raid dungeons, gain fame, and fight warlocks in the arena against other guilds!

Guild of Heroes delivers everything the classic fantasy has to offer, with devious dwarves and ancient elves, nasty orc shamans and troll sorcery, epic action and dark caves, quests and raids as befits an atmospheric medieval style RPG in the lineage of tabletop games.

However, the epic journey through the huge, colorful game world is not only fairy tales of mystic dungeons and dragons, but also battle against mages in the arena, controlled by other players!

In a nutshell:
★ Action-packed fantasy RPG in impressive game graphics
★ Equip character classes such as mage, hunter and warrior, interchangeable at any time
★ PVP against other teams in arena guild wars
★ Craft medieval weapons and armor with hundreds of combinations
★ Thousands of different monsters from diabolic exorcists to … oh, discover for yourself!

Now, enough of the heroic ballads; grab your wand, sword and shield, and into exciting free fantasy RPG!

Oh, do not forget: Follow the Guild of Heroes Community on Facebook – Events, Fan Art, Guild Friends and Contests are waiting to be explored!

What’s new:
◆ Join the event and enjoy the new game mode!
◆ Attack the spawn to summon enemies!
◆ Kill the summoned enemies to deal damage to the spawn!
◆ Use a Berserker Potion to gain super strength!
◆ Collect the new Spirit of the Void skin!
◆ Now you can transfer enchantment effects between your skins by spending enchantment tokens earned in Regatta!
◆ Also, in Regatta you can earn banner tokens!

+ privatization;
+ the whole world map is open;
+ absolute immortality;
+ unlimited damage

Instructions for installing libraries as root:

1. Libraries must be strictly copied (with overwriting “”) into the directory where other libraries of the game are located.
After copying, you must set permissions to files. Their number is 755.
2. Paths to libraries (where to look for them):
– if you have Android 4.4 version -> /data/app-lib/com.goplaytoday.guildofheroes-*;
– if you have Android version 5 or higher -> /data/app/com.goplaytoday.guildofheroes-*/lib/arm;
* – number 1, 2, etc.
3. The original version of the game for installation on NOX or MEmu under the ARMv7 processor architecture is attached here:

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More Info: credit: komodias


Download Instructions:

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