New DNS Method To Bypass icloud Lock

This is a new method for icloud lock devices. It is way better than Captive Portal. Doesn’t use DNS IP, no Proxy, no re-entering passwords every day!
Ighor July the developer from icloud DNS Bypass just update his portal using the latest exploit on icloud activation screen from SoNick_14 ^( working on any iOS device including the latest firmware version iOS 12.3.
iDNSPortal is extending possibilities of any icloud locked device. With this new Portal, you will able to use iPad/iPhone to watch a video, browse websites, play games, chats with friends, listen to music and more. you can just Give a try its free to use.
Easy of use Setup once use whenever you want, no more annoying configuration every time.


New DNS method to bypass icloud


To connect to iDNSPortal ^( using this new icloud activation screen exploit you need to connect any Wi-Fi network. You don’t need to enter DNS or Proxy, they should be in Auto mode.
  • Connect to any Wi-Fi network Press next, get to Apple ID login and password screen request.
  • Press the Home button and chose “Wi-Fi Settings”
  • Find connected Wi-Fi network name and press letter (i) on right side
  • Find Client ID field, it should be in IPv4 settings
  • Enter there following line, chosen by the nearest server to you:



South America:@”/>

Australia and Oceania:@”/>


Appale New iCloud Lock Screen Exploit

New iCloud Lock screen exploits released by SoNick_14 this week. This new exploit will not unlock your iphone but its a really amazing bug on iOS icloud ID screen. The good thing of this New exploit is, you can try it and inject your code and find new methods to bypass icloud or crash to the springboard.

New icloud Bypass Exploit ( inject code into icloud lock screen ).
This only works on Activation lock screen on any iphone and ipad.
This is the code you must use to trigger the XSS, it works on iPhone 4 7.1.2 & iPhone 4s 8.4.1, feel free to test it in newer devices!
Email: @”/>
Password: 3 spaces tap next and you’ll trigger the alert! Have fun!
  • Connect to any Wi-Fi network
  • Press next, get to Apple ID login and password request
  • Enter there following line and password
This bug can have a lot of potential for developers it will let inject code and create new flaws in the icloud lock OS. For those who followed my blog know that in times icloud lock screen had a similar bug that allowed to bypass icloud lock and open web pages, also used by icloud DNS bypass captive portal.
Update: ICLOUDDNSBYPASS update this exploit to improve his icloud dns portal.