Cursing in Japan

Now not swearing, however literal cursing, is mentioned in this attention-grabbing article in Japan Occasions.

Everybody who has been to Japan has noticed the votive plaques with needs for just right fortune striking round temples and shrines.   However at some shrines, the needs don’t seem to be glad ones:

…at Kadota Inari Shrine, situated within the suburbs of Ashikaga, a town in Tochigi Prefecture some 90 mins by means of teach from Tokyo, guests gained’t in finding plaques with light-hearted needs soliciting for just right good fortune and rosy relationships.

“I’m totally exhausted coping with Ok.S., the egocentric satan in cover who appears down on me, shouts at me and complains about each and every and the whole lot I do. I hate you … I hate you … I hate you from the ground of my middle, and I pray that you simply disappear from this global once conceivable,” one of the plaques reads.

“I pray that my dating with Hitomi, who betrayed me and wasted a yr of my existence, is totally severed” reads any other. “She should be distanced from all paths resulting in happiness. I can by no means help you change into glad. Would possibly you endure for the remainder of your existence to make amends for my tears and agony. Mariko.”

Some needs are extra direct: “I pray that Okabe dies in an coincidence.”

Others are determined pleas for assist: “I pray that my circle of relatives’s ties with despair and bipolar dysfunction come to an finish.”

Those are fervent, even violent expressions of uncooked, private feelings hardly proven in public, and bodily proof of the way conventional rituals related to cursing are neatly and alive in 21st-century Japan.

Gosh.  It continues:

Kadota Inari Shrine is regarded as one of Japan’s three main enkiri, or “tie-cutting” shrines, along with Kyoto’s Fushimi Inari Taisha and Enkiri Enoki in Tokyo’s Itabashi Ward. Alternatively, occult author Yuki Yoshida says Kadota Inari Shrine sticks out in relation to the sheer quantity of plaques being introduced and the extent of animosity on show.

“A typical individual would possibly change into unwell of studying such a lot of damaging messages left at the plaques, however it’s a possibility to watch the darkish facet of the human thoughts,” Yoshida says. “If truth be told, a lot of devoted fanatics seek advice from Kadota Inari Shrine mechanically to test the plaques striking there. Whilst Japan is incessantly regarded as an earthly society, it’s value finding out how there are nonetheless many of us who severely indulge within the act of cursing others.”

That stated, Yoshida says irrespective of how merciless needs is also, revealing one’s darkest secrets and techniques in such style and letting off some steam is a more healthy selection to taking bodily motion.

But extra main points:

In step with a e-book printed greater than a century in the past by means of U.S. orientalist and lecturer William Elliot Griffis titled “The Religions of Japan From the First light of Historical past to the Generation of Meiji,” ladies betrayed by means of their enthusiasts normally carried out this non secular act of vengeance on the hour of the ox, which is between 1 and 3 a.m.

“First making an symbol or manikin of straw, she set out on her errand of revenge, with nails held in her mouth and with hammer in one hand and straw determine in the opposite, now and again additionally having on her head a reversed tripod through which had been caught three lighted candles,” he wrote. “Arriving on the shrine she decided on a tree devoted to a god, after which nailed the straw simulacrum of her betrayer to the trunk, invoking the kami (god) to curse and annihilate the destroyer of her peace.”

Griffis wrote that he had noticed rusted nails and items of straw struck on bushes on more than one events.

However cursing is now to be had commercially, on line:

For the ones taking a look to curse any person however stay cautious of going via difficult rituals, there are on-line services and products that behavior curses on the customer’s behalf.

Nihon Jujutsu Kenkyu Jukikai is one such provider. Based round three many years in the past, the group now personnel round 30 individuals who adopt ushi no koku mairi and different rituals ranging in worth from ¥20,000 to ¥300,000 relying at the ability set of the practitioner and the extent of curse being administered, in keeping with a spokesperson for the gang.

I had no concept…