Maria Zakharova,the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry joked about the “participation” of “Russian hackers” in the US elections

After the of entirety of the vote counting process in the midterm elections in the United States, the subject of “Russian interference” in the electoral procedure might emerge once more.

Maria Zakharova, the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, on her social community web page Facebook left a publish the place she assessed the state of affairs in the United States. The Russian diplomat instructed that when the of entirety of the vote counting process, some other global scandal may start, in which the shedding birthday celebration would accuse Russia of its defeat. Maria instructed two imaginable situations:

1. “It’s Russian hackers, another way each chambers can be ours” (appropriate for representatives of each events).

2. “The elections had been held with out interference of “Russian hackers”” (the Republicans will give an explanation for “as a result of we requested the Russians to not intrude”, and the Democrats will upload “and it’s because we put drive on the Republicans”)”.

The diplomat famous with irony that this time the place of American politicians in relation to “Russian hackers” might moderately alternate. This time they didn’t “grossly intrude”, however they “finely performed”.