PSA: Wizards made the final Magic: Arena M20-era XP event a little more forgiving

PSA: Wizards made the final Magic: Arena M20-era XP event a little more forgiving screenshot

We’re nearing the finish of the first Mastery [Season] Pass for Magic: Arena, and the complete run has been a rollercoaster.

First up, Wizards did the unthinkable and added an XP cap to the cross, forcing other folks to play day-to-day in the event that they sought after to maximise their growth. That was once hastily modified to a more lenient “15 video games a week plus quest XP” cap, however the cap existed however. There was once nonetheless a component of FOMO (concern of lacking out) inherent in the cross, as there was once no option to grind out XP by yourself time: you needed to practice the agenda Wizards set, together with limited-run bonus XP occasions.

As of this previous week, a final XP event is in position referred to as “Standard 2020.” The gist is that you just have been required to make a new “same old” deck the use of playing cards felony in the subsequent rotation, then win two rounds in a row for a small quantity of XP: rinse and repeat as frequently as neccesary. The operative phrase this is “have been,” as Wizards simply made the event a lot much less repetitive and grindy as of the previous day.

Now you might be allocated two losses in keeping with run (as a substitute of one) in a bid to get three wins: briefly, one dangerous sport may not set you again to sq. one. It’s a small exchange however a welcome one, particularly since it’s important to reload the event UI and re-register your deck each unmarried time you need to make a run.

As a reminder, you could have till September 26 at 4AM PT to max out your cross, at which level you can money out and start anew with the subsequent season.

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