There’s a new terror lurking in Subnautica: Below Zero

There's a new terror lurking in Subnautica: Below Zero screenshot

It wouldn’t be Subnautica ^( without a menagerie of underwater nightmare beasts lurking just out of sight, and this week’s update is generous. In Subnautica: Below Zero‘s “first big” update since Early Access launch, Unknown Worlds has unearthed the squidshark, a creature with an unnervingly large maw.

To counterbalance the horrific squidshark, the team has also introduced seamonkeys, which are these goofy little creatures with goofy little arms that’ll try to nab your equipment. They like to hoard.

Aside from the new fauna, Subnautica: Below Zero has a few more substantial additions worth seeking out. There’s an island ^( containing the Cargo Transfer Launchpad, biomes like Thermal Spires ^( and Twisty Bridges ^(, and the Seatruck ^(, a modular vehicle that can tow additional units used for storage, item fabrication, and collecting marine organisms. As someone who never fully got to grips with confidently steering the hulking Cyclops submarine in the original game, I appreciate that it’s smaller-scale.

I’ve resisted getting into Below Zero ^( so far, but I like the look of everything here.

With the rumored Crash Team Racing remake lurking about, how does it stack up for you against Mario Kart?

With the rumored Crash Team Racing remake lurking about, how does it stack up for you against Mario Kart? screenshot

Shade, colour throughout.

With the sturdy rumor floating about that Crash Team Racing is the subsequent Crash remake mission, I have noticed numerous “yeah however it’s inferior to Mario Kart” sentiments. As my photographic reminiscence flashes again to 1999, I recall just about everybody making an allowance for it an improve in comparison to Mario Kart 64.

Released three years after MK64, Naughty Dog had a variety of time to refine the kart method and transform the new (transient) king. Its coup de grâce? An actual tale mode. Mario Kart nonetheless hasn’t gotten this down pat, however Crash Team Racing completely killed it with its long, attractive marketing campaign, boss fights and all, that used to be harking back to Diddy Kong Racing.

Yes, CTR = Mario Kart + Diddy Kong Racing. It dominated and if this tease turns into truth you’ll get to enjoy it if you have not already. So let’s finish this debate, Destructoid. Vote underneath for your favourite kart racer and we’re going to see who comes out on best. I simplest put MK64 in the working as it’s the maximum honest matchup, however for me CTR eclipses principally each and every Mario Kart thus far with the exception of a couple of (Double Dash, Mario Kart 8).