Oh hey, Grey Hulk is in Marvel’s Avengers

Oh hey, Grey Hulk is in Marvel's Avengers screenshot

There’ll come a time once we’re completely inundated with personality skins in Wonder’s Avengers, however presently – greater than part a 12 months clear of the sport’s release – I am prepared to peer what is what. Crystal Dynamics and Wonder confirmed any other exchange outfit lately, this time for Hulk. He cleans up smartly!

As all of the comic-knowers within the target audience will let you know, this glance attracts from Bruce Banner’s “alter-alter ego,” Joe Fixit. Now not each outfit will also be earned strictly thru gameplay, however this one made the record.

Will or not it’s jarring perhaps even a little bit wonky seeing Joe Fixit rampage thru realistic-looking environments? Most likely! That can be a turn-off for some, however I need this recreation to have a foolish aspect.