The mysterious Twin Reflect starts to turn its secrets and techniques and strategies in new trailer

The mysterious Twin Mirror starts to reveal its secrets in new trailer screenshot

Nowadays at Gamescom, Bandai Namco printed additional information about its upcoming thriller resolve, Twin Reflect. Developed via Dontnod, Twin Reflect is a mental mystery a few younger guy plunged right kind proper right into a deep thriller when visiting his outdated native land.

When investigative journalist Sam wakes up with a bloodied blouse and little reminiscence of the evening time prior to, it is up to the participant to wisdom him to the reality. Fortunately, Sam is aided via an overly extraordinary and in fact tricky talent, his “Ideas Palace”. This talent shall we in Sam to recreate recollections from the previous, using them to lend a hand his investigation. Players will trip between the real world and the Ideas Palace to find clues and piece in combination prior occasions.

If that wasn’t sufficient, Sam is also aided via final frenemy “The Double”. Essentially Sam’s alter-ego, The Double is principally a rather additional arsehole form of himself, who will hang out to supply recommendation, co-operate, or in all probability simply be slightly of dick. So, Al in Quantum Leap.

Twin Reflect may well be an episodic resolve, with the primary episode losing in early 2019. A brand spanking new trailer has been presented for the sport, which you’ll be able to try beneath. Twin Reflect is at the moment in development for PS4, PC and Xbox One.