Mozilla’s Test Pilot Program For Mobile Apps: Launches “Lockbox” and “Notes” App

Mozilla is known for testing experimental features for its desktop browser app via Test Pilot Program for Firefox. Now, the company has expanded the program to mobile apps as well. The official portal of Firefox Test Pilot has announced the launch of two new mobile apps, namely Firefox Lockbox and Notes by Firefox for testing […]

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Mozilla Thunderbird 52.9.1 Multilingual

Organize, secure and customize your mail ^( without installation.
Portable Daily 32-64 bit MultiVersion Online ^( (0.5 MB) 06/10/17
In first screen enter: 63.0a1
Portable Thunderbird MultiVersion Multilingual Online ^( (0.4 MB) 14/08/15
Select language and enter Version Number: 60.0b9 or 52.9.1 or 17.0.11esr
Final and Beta use same launcher and profile but Earlybird and Daily have their own.

Extract ^( and run ThunderbirdPortable.
Multilingual Online will download setup in selected language (Afrikaans, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, German, Greek, English, SpanishInternational, Spanish, Basque, Finnish, French, Irish, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Dutch, NorwegianNynorsk, Polish, PortugueseBR, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Swedish, Ukrainian, SimpChinese) and extract files.

Multi-Users: change Profile by editing ThunderbirdPortable.ini with User=NameOfNewUser
Associated to Firefox Portable ^( if FirefoxPortable and ThunderbirdPortable folders are in the same folder. A link clicked in a mail will be opened in Firefox Portable (don’t work on Windows 8 and above).

Settings of installed Thunderbird should be preserved.