Team Flowers blossom in muddled Splatfest results

Team Flowers blossom in muddled Splatfest results screenshot

The effects are out on Splatoon 2’s newest free-for-all. Avid gamers throughout Japan battled it out the day before today over deep subject Hana yori Dango, or Plant life vs Dumplings, or Blossom vs Donuts, or Good looks vs Want. Whichever approach you wanna take a look at it, we have now some lovely attention-grabbing effects.

Pearl’s Group Plant life took without equal 2-1 victory, have slightly captured each Group and Solo play. The vote then again, leaned closely towards Marina’s Group Dumplings, so the latter selection was once lovely rattling standard, and had the trophy snatched from their sugar-stained arms.

After all, who is aware of how other folks have been balloting? Have been other folks taking a look at it philosophically, evaluating the herbal great thing about the arena to the bottom need of gluttony? Have been they simply balloting for the nature they prefer best possible? or have been they straight-up deciding on which of the two pieces they might quite devour? The latter query would force Homer Simpson insane.

Then again you slice it, the numbers don’t lie. Chalk up any other victory for the Queen of the Global.