App News: Apologies and Explanations, Morels heading to mobile, Mystic Vale arrives in Early Access, LotR: LCG gets more content and more…

by David Neumann, iOS News ^(

App News


Hey, everyone! How’s it going? What’s new? Not much for me, either. You know, the usual. Yep, that means pouting and then taking my ball and going home. How’s that working out for me? Well, I’m kind of bored actually. Yeah, I think I’d like to write again. Is that okay? Great. Let’s start.

First of all, sorry for the month-long absence. I’d like to apologize for my reaction to, well, everything. No good excuses here other than __D=afds–a-d-__ (I don’t know how to make that shrug emoji with text characters, but that’s my attempt). Sorry to everyone involved and to everyone else for having to sift through the nonsense.

On the plus side, however, this break has given Brad and I a chance to consider making some long overdue changes. Yes, this means the title of this blog will be changing. To what? We don’t know yet, but I’m sure it will be something that Brad and I think is clever, yet 67% of you will think is stupid and will beg us to go back to ‘iOS Board Games’. The other 33% of you will not object, but that’s probably because you’re intoxicated and/or my mom. Or, most likely, both!

There will be some other changes, too. Brad’s a much busier guy than he used to be when this blog began, so we’re trying to figure out a way to lessen his video workload but still bring consistent video content to this space. As far as my writing goes, I have no life and will continue to just keep spewing the same old dreck.

I’m not sure when these changes will take place, but I know Brad is talking with Aldie about making them happen. Will our Twitter handle change? How will blog subscriptions work? Will we have a different URL? I don’t know, but we’ll keep you in the loop until everything falls into place.

Until then, let’s proceed…

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