Ntel Ends Wawu SIM Bonus Offer Of N1000 For 10GB This Month

Sometimes last year Ntel 4G LTE network provider introduced a special SIM known as the Ntel Wawu SIM that comes with lots of benefits and one of the most eye-catching offer is that it offers Ntel subscriber the ability to obtain 10GB of data for only N1000 to use on their 4G  enabled devices with 30days validity period.

While some of you don’t know that is a promo with limited time offer and those that keyed into the offer since last year have enjoyed the cheap data bonus offers and other benefits attached to the wawu SIM.


Now for the late comers, we regret to announce to you that Ntel Wawu SIM bonus offer has finally come to an end this month and new and existing Ntel customers with the wawu SIM will no longer enjoy the 10GB for N1000 data offer.

Although we don’t really know what is happening to Ntel network these days as many customers have continued to express their dissatisfaction on the poor services they are getting from Ntel. 

But if you are also experiencing poor ntel network services these days, you can read on how to get some level of help on ntel current poor network and we believe that your network issue will be resolved.