OnePlus Picks Google Duo As Native Video Call App

Google Duo is a video calling app, not unlike the many others that you can find for a mobile device. The company has seen considerable success with this app, particularly in India. OnePlus has seen just how popular this app has become and has now decided to make it the native video call app on its smartphones going forward. Google launched Duo some two and a half years ago.

OnePlus says that it conducted a research study with users earlier in 2018 on video calling capability. It found that Google Duo ranked the highest in terms of call quality. This has convinced the company to introduce Google Duo as a native function for video calls on its devices.

Google Duo will be made the native video calling app with the stable OxygenOS 9.0.12 build on the OnePlus 6T and OxygenOS 9.0.4 for the OnePlus 6, 5, and 5T. It will eventually arrive on the OnePlus 3 and 3T as well with the Pie update.

Once the update is installed, Google Duo will be integrated across multiple native functions such as call logs, contacts, dial pad, and messaging. It won’t take away the traditional carrier video calling option for users so nobody will be compelled to use Google Duo when they don’t want to.

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