Classic anime shmup Cotton is getting remade for PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch

Classic anime shmup Cotton is getting remade for PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch screenshot

Some of you may have played some of the cutesy (but somewhat obscure) titles in classic shmup series Cotton, which dallied around the arcades and various home platforms in in the 1990’s. Well, it appears that it’s time to dust off the ol’ broomstick, as Japanese developer Beep has announced a remake of the first game in the series for PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Cotton Reboot, as reported by Famitsu, is a remake of the X68000 port of the 1991 arcade release Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams. It sees a young, candy-loving, witch-in-training (the titular Cotton) asked by a sexy space fairy to save her world from “The Evils”. At first uncaring of the damsel’s plight, Cotton soon agrees to help out when she hears the fairy’s world is home to a “special” type of candy.

Thus, Cotton and her new fairy friend embark on several stages of colourful, campy, shmup action. This initial release would later be followed by numerous sequels on platforms such as the PC Engine, Super Famicom and Sega Saturn.

Nintendo Switch exclusives we expect to see at E3 2019

Nintendo Switch exclusives we expect to see at E3 2019 screenshot

E3 is just about upon us once more and so much has modified since 2018, however one factor stays the similar: the web’s unquenching thirst for Nintendo Directs ^( I revel on this season of hypothesis and anticipation, such a lot that final 12 months I wrote a work discussing which Switch exclusives we are perhaps ^( to see at the display. During the former E3’s Direct and Treehouse Live movement, Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Yoshi’s Crafted World have been proven in better intensity. The upcoming Fire Emblem used to be published as Fire Emblem Three Houses, and we’ve persisted to be told extra about it main up to its unencumber this July.

The different video games I anticipated to see have been absent at the time, however the mainline Pokémon entries teased two years in the past have in the end been published as Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. If Nintendo goes to marketplace them the rest like Sun and Moon, we’ll see a small however secure trickle of information all the way through the remainder of 2019, almost definitely beginning this E3. And Bayonetta 3… smartly, we heard a tiny and imprecise replace from Platinum ^(, so we are aware of it’s coming someday.

Even with those video games at the horizon, we’ve noticed many extra Switch video games published, a lot of which we nonetheless know little or no about. Heck, I’d have incorporated Super Mario Maker 2 on right here as smartly if now not for its unique last-minute Direct ^(! Like final 12 months, I expect that now not all of those video games can be proven off at Nintendo’s presentation, nor do I feel they’re going to all meet their deliberate 2019 releases. But information is what E3 is for, is not it? So let’s run down the brand new record…