Google Opinion Rewards was updated to Material Design

Despite the fact that Material Design arrives with Android 5.0 Lollipop, there are still a few applications that have not adapted at all to this design trend. Although it may seem pathetic, Google is one of the main developers of the more it has cost them adapt their applications. Today we have seen as Google Opinion Rewards, the app to earn money with short surveys, has been updated to Material Design, in addition to icons adaptive.

From the moment that came out this application, we had not yet seen any change in interface in it and at the end, has been updated to conform to the aesthetics that we see in all the Google applications currently. In addition to this, the icon of the application itself is now adaptive, i.e., it is able to change shape depending on the type of icons that has your phone, a novelty built-into Android 8.0 Oreo.

Google Opinion Rewards changes the interface but little more

If you already using Google Opinion Rewards, you’ll meet more than enough, the operating mechanism of this app: you receive surveys on the part of Google, you answer honestly and you get a little bit of money to spend in their app store. We have said sincerely, yes, and it is that Google knows more about you than you think, and if you answer that you have been in a place and your location history does not say the same thing, you will cause that the number of surveys that you receive drop drastically.

Google Opinion Rewards

If we see the aesthetic changes that have been made with this latest update, we realize as the colors of the application have been simplified a lot. Now white is the predominant color, as we do not find the stripe blue top you had before nor the black that told us that there had surveys pending. The interface is much more clean and simple with a design very similar to that we found in the Google application.

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What us strange is that Google has taken so long time to make a aesthetic change to this app, but after this renewal, we can say that all (or almost) their applications as they feature a new aesthetic and much more clean. We’ll see if Google also decides to add some more feature to Google Opinion Rewards, because at the end it is an application that use a few seconds up to a week and that could have a lot more potential.

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