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Outcast: Second Contact

Fixed by:  Andrey Shulzhenko and Arubinig

What This Does:
– Fixes shadows, lights, halos, water reflections & distortion effects
– Fixes HUD & UI depth
– Places a low convergence preset on the Right Mouse button for aiming.

Other Keybindings:

Esc – normal depth & convergence setting when in the game world.
F – Hold this for a low depth & convergence setting (for the inventory screen)
0 (number row)- Adjusts HUD & UI depth (2 settings)
9 (number row)- Adjusts depth & convergence (3 settings)

All of the above keybindings can be changed in the d3dx.ini file.
For more information about this fix, see this thread:

1)  Download this fix and extract it into the game directory.
2)  To enable 3D, add the following launch parameter:  -screen-fullscreen 1  .  If that doesn’t work, try:  -window-mode exclusive