Garth Brooks has Words with Friends in low places

Garth Brooks has Words with Friends in low places screenshot

I promised the editing staff here at Destructoid that I would write this piece as a professional journalist simply trying to cover industry news for a slow Sunday. Little did they know I had my fingers crossed behind my back. That means it doesn’t count!

Because nothing makes sense anymore, the hit mobile Scrabble knockoff Words with Friends 2 has teamed up with Garth Brooks to promote the death of relevant marketing cross promotion to create the biggest niche promotion in recent history. Welcome to the future, people.

Samsung postpones the Galaxy Fold launch in certain places

Last week Samsung China sent invitations for events in Shanghai and Hong Kong, where it was expected to launch the Galaxy Fold ^( Reports are now stating that the company canceled the unveilings, initially planned for April 24 and April 26. Media representatives suggest this is due to the faulty review units and claim the product launch in China will be postponed.

According to the same sources, Samsung has stopped training retail employees on how to sell the Galaxy Fold, meaning the company is likely to delay the global market launch as well. Samsung’s official statement from last week said it will “thoroughly inspect” the units and will likely print additional warning signs on its packaging.

While plenty of units were rendered unusable after peeling the protective layer, our device is intact for now. Samsung reached to us, “just reminding” that this is a built-in screen protector which “does not need removing.”

Following this advice didn’t stop at least two other unit (not ours) from breaking due to mechanical issues, raising the question if Samsung’s product is ready to go live.

Our review process is still under way, but you can always check out our hands-on review ^( and detailed impressions ^(

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