Main problems in Wallapop (and solutions)

No platform is perfect and neither is the Wallapop. And is that despite being one of the sites for the sale of products of second hand best valued and with a greater number of users, the system is not exempt from certain technical errors that might despair to more than one.

But is that, in addition, enter in Wallapop ^( you can become a battle of survival as they have to deal with all kinds of users, from those who stop to answer you or they insult you in a conversation, until the characteristic regateadores who want to buy a product at a bargain price.

Now, since TuAppPara we don’t want to panicking or tell you that you don’t Wallapop, but rather the opposite. For this reason, today we have developed an extensive post where we collect some of the most common problems Wallapop and all of its solutions for you to continue taking advantage of this great platform.

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como evitar los principales problemas

Major technical errors

Wallapop is not what it was. This is what many users think when they come into the platform and see that there are problems and numerous bugs in the system that prevent smooth navigation or the access to different options. Fortunately, the vast majority of failures are easy to explain and can be resolved in a matter of minutes. These are the most common:

I can not enter

One of the technical problems most common is when Wallapop gives error when entering the account. This seems to happen for the deactivation of the user, either by having infringed any rule or by a technical failure of the platform (this last cause is often the most common).

In these cases, the first thing you should do is to try to log in through the web version of Wallapop if the fault is from the app. If you are still not able to enter, the only option is to contact the technical support service by sending a message to the address [email protected] ^([email protected]) or but through social networks, where the response is usually more rapid.

After sending the message, Wallapop will reply asking for the email associated with the user to investigate if there is a problem. If the error is from them, you will activate the user and you will be able to log on again. On the other hand, if the account was deleted for having jumped to some standard, you will communicate and there will be no chance of retrieving it.

Does not work the chat

If the chat is not sending messages, it can happen basically for two reasons: connection problems with your mobile or by errors of the app itself.

On the one hand, therefore, if you suspect that the connection is what is failing, you’ll need to connect to a source of reliable and fast. However, if you’re not sure that the problem is network, opens up other applications to see if they also have problems to load or send messages.

On the other hand, in addition of being connected to a reliable source, the app should also be updated, because the developers have gone and solve error messages in the latest versions. As well as in their first few updates had a lot of bugs in the chat, Wallapop ensures that today, the problems have decreased significantly.

And if these two measures don’t work, you can see what happens when you delete and re-install the app and, if not, contact the technical service of Wallapop as a last alternative. In addition, if the application is not going temporarily, you can always try to access the web version.

I can not upload products

One of the complaints most common amongst the community of users is the inability to upload an article on Wallapop. If you see messages of the type “an error has occurred while riding the product“, first of all you must check that the entered data of the object to be selling are correct.

And that is all that is included in the posting form will have to be adjusted to the rules: the description must not exceed 650 characters, the picture may not weigh more than a mega, you can not use emojis in the title or description and you must complete all fields (with the exception of the (Extra). Any product that does not meet these specifications, will not be able to be uploaded to the platform.

Even so, you may have correctly filled in all the fields on the form and there is still a error in the load data that prevents you to publish the product. Then, you should resort to one of the following three options:

  1. If the error is due to a technical problem of the application, wait a reasonable time before contacting the customer support service. It is possible that Wallapop what to communicate through their social networks.
  2. If the problem persists and you don’t have news of Wallapop about it, you could try to fix the error by uninstalling and installing the app again with the latest version available.
  3. If all the above does not work, again it is recommended to contact with the technical service. To communicate an error while uploading pruducto, within the app go to Help > frequently asked Questions > Report a problem > technical Problems > contact Form > technical Problems > Error while uploading product. If you prefer, you can contact us more easily through Twitter or Facebook.

An error has occurred while processing your request

Are you interested in a product and you has seen this message when you try to contact the user that sells it? If so, what is more likely is that the user you’ve blocked. In this situation, you will not be able to do anything and the only possible alternative is to look for another seller with a similar item.

Now, if this notification pops up constantly in the app when you try to view your products or when you perform any search, it could be that the cache of the app was full. To fix this, it is recommended to delete the cache and data of the application Wallapop from the settings menu of the device. In TuAppPara we teach you on your day how to do it on Android and iOS here ^(

In those cases in which the error persists, make sure that you have installed the latest version of Wallapop. As a last option, contact the technical support.

Will not let me add a picture of the product

Another of the failures more recurrent in the app Wallapop tends to happen when you upload the photographs of the article that you want to sell. Depending on the cause, you may receive the following error messages:

  • “An error has occurred while trying to add an image, it checks that the name of the photo does not contain characters strangers.”
  • “We need access to your photographs to upload an image of your product”.

In both cases, Wallapop says in their social networks that these problems are generally caused by technical problems and that appear to be fixed by reinstalling the application with the latest update available.

Anyway, if the first message appears, make sure that all the characters can be recognized by the system and that the photo, as we have indicated above, does not weigh more than 1 MB. In regards to the second message, be sure to enable access to the camera when prompted the app in the installation process.

An error has occurred while downloading the wall

Sometimes it may happen that we may enter into the app Wallapop, but that we see a unicorno or doll -depending on the latest installed version – with the following error messages:

Unicorn Wallapop

This error causes that the wall is not load, so that we will not be able to view the bids of other users. But is that also we will have access to our profile as it will appear again the message “an error Has occurred while processing your request“.

Worst of all is that there seems to be a determinant cause that explain this error, although Wallapop says that the unicorn appears when the device is not using an optimum connection.

So, the first thing that you have to try to overcome this problem is to connect through another source. However, if it does not give you the result and the annoying unicorn does not go away, then try clearing the cache or reinstalling the application.

Unfortunately, we can’t assure 100% that this works, so if it is still showing the error, you need to speak with Wallapop you to study your case in a personalized way. On many occasions, it is simply a temporary failure of the app that resolves within a few hours.

It gives Me the server error

If it constantly shows the message “Ups server error”, it is probably because Wallapop is not working today. The fall of the platform can be explained by an overload of the web server in the event that there are many visits, concurrent, temporary errors or by maintenance work.

Therefore, if you get this error, you will need to be patient as the team of programmers and developers of the app will the server back to normal as soon as possible. Anyway, I recommend that you follow Wallapop on their social networks to be informed of all possible news.

Although if after a few days from the occurrence of the error, you’re still able to work on the app, the best thing you can do is to contact technical support to find a solution as soon as possible.

Network Error

Did you receive the dreaded error “Waiting for network” when trying to open the chat? If that is the case, everything points to a problem of Internet connection, which may not be appropriate for the proper functioning of Wallapop.

For this reason, in the first place it is advised to check that the connection used is optimal. After that, you’ll need to force quit the app and open it again. If these two actions do not fix the error and your network has successfully passed the connection test, then uninstall and install the app again or contact the technical support.

Note that network errors can sometimes occur for technical malfunctions of the app , which in the majority of cases are solved in a matter of hours. While you’re waiting for it to start again, you try to connect from the desktop version of Wallapop.

I don’t leave the notifications

Also might not work notifications. It is a technical fault that was more usual in earlier versions of Wallapop, while currently it is unlikely to continue happening. And that is, if the notifications do not arrive, the big question is: whatAre activated?

In the first place, you can check it in your profile of the app Wallapop, tapping on your photo and then click the gear wheel, in “Notifications”, where it is activated that you want.

No me salen las notificaciones

Below, you’ll also need to make sure that notifications are enabled in the operating system of your SmartPhone or Tablet. This is the procedure to follow in the two main software of the market:

  • Android: Go to Settings > Applications > Wallapop > Notifications. It is recommended to configure them in such a way that these are displayed on the lock screen and in full screen.
  • iOS: go to Settings > Notifications > Wallapop, and enable “Allow notifications“. Follow the same recommendations as in Android.

Problems to install

Despite the fact that this is not an error very recurrent, on certain occasions there could be difficulties to download or install the app Wallapop.

Before anything else, if you can not download the application from the official stores, probably you have configured it to Google Play or the App Store in a different country with respect to the device. Luckily, the region can be changed easily:

  • In iOS, go into the App Store and go to Apple ID > View Apple ID > Country/Region > Change Country/Region.
  • In Android, go to Settings in Google Wallet and enters the center of payments from Google. Once inside, sign in and click on Settings, where you have to choose the new country and to edit your name and address. When you finish, click on Save changes.

On the other hand, if the problem lies in the fact that you can not install the app on your device, you need to check if the mobile has enough space. In the case of exceeding the total capacity, you’ll be forced to clean the memory to be able to install Wallapop. If you want, download a cleaner for iOS ^( or Android ^(

Does not work the location service

Undoubtedly, to sell a product on Wallapop is paramount that you have the location turned on so that other users can find you in a particular area of search. Unfortunately, there is the possibility that after installing the app the location does not work.

Well, more than a technical error of the application as such, the reason for this failure seems to be found in that are not enabled to have certain permissions in the operating system, among them, the location services. To enable, proceed in the following way:

  • In Android, go to Settings > Applications > Wallapop > Permissions. Within this section, check the option Location is selected.
  • In iOS, go to Settings > Privacy > location Services > Wallapop. Then, activate the option “Always” or “While using the app”.

Do not appear my ads

If you have entered Wallapop and some of your ads (or all) have disappeared without any explanation, perhaps it is because you have broken some of the rules of use of the application and, in consequence, the platform team has withdrawn unceremoniously.

You must keep in mind that you can not sell anything, but there are a number of prohibited items whose publication is strictly prohibited, as specified in the general rules of coexistence that can be found on their website ^(

Other times, though less so, the disappearance of the ads is due to a technical fault of the app. In these cases, try some of the solutions already mentioned in other errors, such as reinstall or contact technical support. Wallapop is usually resetaear the counters of ads for them to be displayed.

On the other hand, if you are unsure if the app is not going well, you might be interested to know that you can search for your ads on the web without needing to log in.

Problems with sellers or buyers

Technical errors aside, in Wallapop also often appear some problems when dealing with other users. Without going more far, in your day we will explain to you what were the main scams and scams Wallapop ^( But this is not all, but at the time to buy or sell a product, a simple conversation can end up in complaints, fights, arguments, misunderstandings or problems to agree on a price. Let’s see as some of the more common situations and how to deal with them:

Problems with the shipment

One of the risks you must assume in Wallapop so if you are a buyer and if you’re a seller is that, in the course of using the service delivery platform, the package is not picked up by the recipient , or well that is extravie during the delivery process.

Well, if the problem lies in that you can’t locate the buyer, Wallapop outlined in their terms of use that if after two delivery attempts the package is not picked up, this will be returned to the nearest Post office and will be retained for 15 days to be picked up. To do this, Correos will send a notice to the buyer to go as soon as possible.

Now, what happens if the package is not picked up once the deadline? On the one hand, the sent item is returned to seller, and, on the other, the total amount paid to the buyer minus the shipping costs -which also include the return to origin of the product. That is to say, if you are a buyer and not pick up a package, the cost of the return lies solely on you.

In terms of the loss of a package, Wallapop will get in touch with the Post office and start the paperwork convenient to know what has happened and, if it considers, to indemnify both the buyer and the seller in case the product is not able to be located. As a maximum, the incident must be resolved in 35 days.

What to do if they do not answer on Wallapop?

Regardless of the technical issues in the chat, sometimes it also may happen that you get in contact with a user but that have not replied to your messages although they have been received correctly. Keep in mind that if a user a long time ago that is not active or does not come on Wallapop, you can not do anything.

A different issue is when you have already begun to talk with someone and, suddenly, you stop to answer, and the conversation is half after having agreed on a transaction. Then, you have the option of contacting the technical support of Wallapop for these review the profile and can take the necessary measures if they detect any suspicious behavior.

In addition, you have an option to report in the top right of every conversation. To do this, you must click on the icon of 3 dots and choose the reason. Best of all is that the report remains anonymous at all times.

And is that today Wallapop do not have an option to put the phone number or the e-mail in the profile. Remember that you should not give these data in the chat at the slightest doubt.

The regateador tireless

Surely, one of the things most frustrating in Wallapop is when you try to sell a product and you are the typical user that is constantly haggling (usually at ridiculous prices). Well, as a seller you decide who to sell and who not, so that if the other person does not accept your conditions do not have to enter in the game of haggling.

In other words, the power of negotiation must always rest with the seller and not the contrary. If you want to get slice of an article, sure that just finding someone willing to pay what you ask. To fall into the trap of haggling will only make you lose money and that the other users see you as a negotiator weak.

In short, if you sell a product to a certain price, it is predetermined how far you’re willing to reach -nor is it advisable to refuse outright to negotiate – and from here, you do not accept anything below that price.

I have been reported, what do I do?

In the hypothetical situation that you find out that you have denounced in Wallapop, the first thing you should avoid is to panic and act impulsively. In this sense, if you have the certainty that you have acted well at all times and you have not tried to under no circumstances deceive the user that you’re reporting, be quiet because I should not spend anything.

If the complaint is done through the same app or web Wallapop, they will investigate your profile in order to detect possible unusual behaviors or that may be prejudicial to third persons. Go, if only you accumulate positive feedback, you’re not going to lock the account for a simple misunderstanding.

However, it may also happen that the complaint sent by the legal route. In this case, we recommend that you save the conversations of the chat or the receipts of the transactions made, since that may be presented as possible evidence. We insist, if you have acted within the law and in accordance with your moral obligation, the time you will end up giving the reason.

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