Review: Just Shapes & Beats

Review: Just Shapes & Beats screenshot

For generations now, the wedding of track and video video games has introduced us some absolute classics. Whether or not it is the comical hip-hop of PaRappa the Rapper, the million-dollar-making Rock Band franchise or the DLC-smothered Character Dancing titles, the becoming a member of of giant beats and button presses makes the two genres are compatible in combination as comfortable as a worm.

There is a positive style of track sport, on the other hand, that likes to interact slightly extra with the rhythm and spirituality of the track itself, frequently presenting it in difficult to understand, summary tactics. Titles equivalent to Rez, Vib-Ribbon, Chime and Kid of Eden, that strive use the track to create a level for the participant to bounce on, be that participant a polygonal human avatar, or a long-legged, wire-frame bunny.

Simply Shapes & Beats, through indie outfit Berzerk Studios, falls into the latter sub-genre of track video games, making an attempt to ship a fun-but-challenging interactive enjoy for you and your folks, laid over a sequence of serious tracks, whilst breaking video regulations with its summary yet magnetic temper. And, I am satisfied to file, it succeeds.