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Intel Showcases First 32TB ‘Ruler’ SSD

Intel has unveiled what it claims to be the “global’s densest, completely silent solid state power.” While SSDs have been spherical for a very long time, the form factor that this power is in step with is not just unique but it surely moreover lets in Intel to cram an absurd amount of storage in a device that’s kind of the dimensions of a 12 inch ruler. Intel’s first ruler SSD has 32TB of storage.

It’s the densest ever device that Intel has ever built. It is been manufactured using the company’s three-D NAND era that stacks memory cells ontop of one any other in extremely thin layers.

Intel’s ruler form factor used to be as soon as offered ultimate year. It is been developed with the aim of offering as so much storage as conceivable while ensuring optimal thermal efficiency. This sort factor is meant for servers. Wisdom amenities are fast converting hard disk drives which require pricey cooling ways to stick the whole thing running simply, Intel is aiming to clutch that market with this product.

This SSD can also be coated up 32 side-by-side in knowledge amenities to hold up a petabyte of storage in one servers slot. Compared to standard SSDs, the ruler SSD needs phase the airflow to stick cool, in keeping with Intel. When compared with hard disks, it best requires one-tenth of the facility and one-twentieth house.

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