A massive hacking incident occurred in the Russian social network Vkontakte

On Thursday, February 14, the paintings of the primary Russian social network Vkontakte failed. In VK teams seemed the similar hyperlink to the publish, which was once reported that customers will now see commercials in personal messages.

Soon the directors of the social network reacted and stopped the failure. The vulnerability was once utterly closed for 20 mins. Subsequently, representatives of VK apologized for the inconvenience. At the second, the paintings of the social network is totally normalized.

After a while, it became out that the massive hacking was once performed via hackers who for a yr examined the social network for more than a few vulnerabilities and known the worm. However, the management of VK has now not paid them a praise for locating and getting rid of vulnerabilities in the code.

According to them, they didn’t purposefully file the most effective error in the code that they used to remind themselves. However, they famous that they didn’t hurt customers.

An attention-grabbing truth is that the Russian State Duma demanded an investigation of the incident. Alexei Zhuravlev, State Duma Deputy, stated that it might be the intervention of the United States or Britain. At the second, those publications are got rid of from the network.