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Deal: Save up to 75 percent off select games as part of Nvidia Shield Holiday Game Sale

The Nvidia Shield TV has gained a reputation as arguably the best Android TV box on the market right now. A big part of this appeal is due to the variety of exclusive games on offer, so we’re glad to see the company slash these prices today.

The company is discounting 30 games by up to 75 percent as part of the Nvidia Shield Holiday Game Sale. And there are quite a few excellent picks to be had here. Some of the biggest discounts apply to Borderlands 2 (75 percent), Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (75 percent), and Riptide GP: Renegade (66 percent). You can check out the full list below.

  • Borderlands 2 ^(http://andauth.co/borderlands2) (75 percent)
  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! ^(http://andauth.co/borderlandstps) (75 percent)
  • Ticket to Ride ^(http://andauth.co/XEZrvu) (60 percent)
  • Jackbox Party Pack 5 ^(http://andauth.co/jackboxpartypack5) (30 percent)
  • Alto’s Adventure TV ^(http://andauth.co/altosadventuretv) (50 percent)
  • Caterzillar ^(http://andauth.co/caterzillar) (50 percent)
  • Puddle + ^(http://andauth.co/puddle) (65 percent)
  • Teslagrad ^(http://andauth.co/teslagrad) (58 percent)
  • Snowboard Party Pro ^(http://andauth.co/snowboardpartypro) (50 percent)
  • Snowboard Party: World Tour Pro ^(http://andauth.co/snowboardparty2) (50 percent)
  • Riptide GP: Renegade ^(http://andauth.co/hScWcj) (66 percent)
  • This War of Mine ^(http://andauth.co/BJICZV) (50 percent)
  • Battle Supremacy ^(http://andauth.co/battlesupremacy) (50 percent)
  • Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty! ^(http://andauth.co/newntasty) (50 percent)
  • Fossil Hunters ^(http://andauth.co/fossilhunters) (50 percent)
  • Party Hard ^(http://andauth.co/partyhard) (50 percent)
  • Ashworld ^(http://andauth.co/ashworld) (50 percent)
  • Kona ^(http://andauth.co/kona) (70 percent)
  • The Talos Principle ^(http://andauth.co/talosprinciple) (50 percent)
  • Suzy Cube ^(http://andauth.co/suzycube) (50 percent)
  • Chameleon Run ^(http://andauth.co/eBOWFA) (50 percent)
  • Death Road to Canada ^(http://andauth.co/cUqORF) (50 percent)
  • realMyst ^(http://andauth.co/oUpwJG) (50 percent)
  • Riven: The Sequel To Myst ^(http://andauth.co/riven) (50 percent)
  • Meganoid ^(http://andauth.co/meganoid) (50 percent)
  • Heroes of Loot 2 ^(http://andauth.co/heroesofloot2) (50 percent)
  • Space Grunts ^(http://andauth.co/spacegrunts) (50 percent)
  • Crashlands ^(http://andauth.co/kMterZ) (50 percent)
  • Hotline Miami 1 ^(http://andauth.co/hotlinemiami) (50 percent)
  • Hotline Miami 2 ^(http://andauth.co/hotlinemiami2) (50 percent)

Nvidia says that the sale periods could vary by publisher, so you might need to wait a while if your desired game isn’t discounted just yet. The sale is expected to end on December 26.

We would’ve also liked to see a few more high-profile Nvidia Shield titles go on sale, such as Half Life 2, Tomb Raider, and Portal. Nevertheless, you’re bound to find a game or two worth buying on this list.

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